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This heart-shaped keepsake urn can be used to reflect the spirit of a loved one with grace. A flawless reflection of kindness and generosity of departed soul. A perfect reminder of half-smile, amused gaze and constant reminder of different way of seeing things. Connect your heart with departed soul with this heart shaped keepsake as a reminder that the departed soul made us laugh, it made us proud, it made us think and it made things better for us.

These urns are made from brass and are very beautiful. You can buy them online from our store with free Australia Wide Delivery Option. The heart-shaped keepsake urn for ashes is entirely made of brass and has a shiny silver metal finish with engravings on side of pearl heart. The urn is protected with multiple layers of protective lacquer and opens from the back.

When it comes to keepsake urns, there are many styles to choose from. Some keepsake urns can be buried or scattered, while others can be displayed at home. There are even biodegradable urns that disperse the remains in the ocean. Regardless of the type of keepsake urn you select, Urns for Sale in Melbourne has a stylish collection of urns for sale that will suit your loved one's needs.

The keepsake urn is constructed of solid brass and requires minimal maintenance, and is sturdy and heavy in weight.



  • Hand Cast
  • Made in Brass
  • Open from Back


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