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    Christmas Candle Holder

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    Golden Glow 4x Tea Light Candle Holder

    Golden Glow Tea Light Candle Holder : Introducing the elegant and enchanting GOLDEN GLOW tea light Candle Holder Set. Elevate your everyday life and infuse your surroundings with a touch of warmth and sophistication. This set can hold four exquisite tea light candles adorned in a radiant golden finish, to create an enchanting ambiance in any space.

    Height : 23.5 CM

    Base : 12×10 CM

    Top Dia : 8 CM

    Weight : 185 GMs

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    Grand Bell Shaped Antique Finish Candle Stick Holder

    This candle holder showcases an antique finish, crafted from top-tier materials that radiate timeless beauty. Its classic bell shape seamlessly harmonizes with any interior design, rendering it a versatile and elegant inclusion in your home décor ensemble.

    Height : 40 CM

    Base Dia : 12 CM

    Top Dia : 12 CM

    Weight : 1010 GMs

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    Wooden Candlestick Holder with Metal Wire Artwork

    We’re thrilled to present our Wooden Candlestick Holder as one of our flagship products—the perfect fusion of wood and metal artwork. This stunning piece harmonises the comforting warmth and natural texture of wood with the chic, contemporary allure of metal.

    Height : 39.5 CM

    Top : 17.5 CM

    Base : 15.5 CM

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